Create an email marketing campaign

To create a marketing campaign by email, go to the "Marketing" menu and select "Email."

Press the "New" button (below you'll see a series of emails used previously and saved - you can edit any of them by selecting the edit icon on the right, or delete them by clicking the trash can icon)

Use the e-mail editor to write the title of your campaign, subject, and body text. You can upload images, insert tables, html and customize the text with the customer's name by clicking on the icon in the shape of the head shown in the picture. When you finished  press "Save"  and two more buttons will appear. Click on "Recipients" to choose who will receive the email.

On the next page you can select your recipients using the following tools:

  • "Filter Member Type"  by active, leads or all
  • "Select Filter" various predetermined filters 
  • Selecting members one by one by marking each members box green
  • Selecting all members by clicking marking the box in the top row green
  • "Create a Target Audience" (click here to learn how to create a target audience)

Once you have selected your desired recipients press the button "Add Selected"


You will be redirected to the email editor page. Press "Send" to deliver the email. 


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