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How to assign fitness goals to my employees

To assign fitness goals to your employees, first you must go to the "Staff" menu and select "Fitness Goals."   

Now select the employee from the drop down menu that you wish to assign a fitness goal. Establish the date range that you wish this employee to have this goal by marking the dates in "From" and "Until." Choose the days you wish to assign these goals. A day highlighted in red is selected and those days in white are not selected. Choose the time range. Lastly, assign the target number of workouts or weigh-ins you would like this employee to complete in each hour. Press the "Save" button.


Once save the goals will appear in red in the calendar below. You can change the view of the calendar to month, week or day, by clicking the button in the top right corner.

If you want to delete the fitness goal for an employee, fill in the fields regarding employee name, date range, days of the week and hours and press the "Delete" button. The information should no longer be in the calendar below. 

Or just click on the day you wish to delete and a pop up will appear. Press the button "Delete"





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