How to send an email or push notification from a member profile.

Communicating with members individually via TG Manager is simple and effective.  Use the email or push notification service when:

  • Informing your club members about new services.  i.e. A juice bar or café, massage therapist, spa etc.
  • Promoting new classes or special workshops.
  • Reminding members about schedule weigh-ins or PT sessions.
  • Making any announcement relevant to your health club.


First, start by locating the specific member you want to communicate with.  Go to the MEMBERS menu and select ACTIVE MEMBERS.



Next, make use of the search field or directly select the member below in the active members list by clicking on any of their data.



Once you have found the member, click the MARKETING tab.



Once you've accessed the MARKETING tab, you can then decide to send the member an email or a push notification.  Click on the type of communication you want to send and then hit NEW below.



Following that, the email (or push notification) editor will appear.  After you have written a CAMPAIGN TITLE, SUBJECT and email body, click SAVE (Step 1).  Now you can choose who will receive your communication by hitting RECIPIENTS (Step 2).  Don't hit SEND yet!



After that, you'll see a page where some fields (SELECT FILTER, CLUB, etc.)  appear at the top.  Scroll to the bottom to confirm your individual recipient.  Keep in mind, the names that appear at the bottom will be the recipients of your communication, therefore if you only want to communicate with one member, make sure only 1 member appears.



The next step is to go back to the email editor.  Hit the back arrow on the tool bar or ADD SELECTED. 



Once you've returned to the email editor, you can now hit SEND (Step 3).



After clicking send, the TG loading wheel will appear for a short moment and on the bottom-right corner of TG Manager the system message: SENDING EMAIL... EMAIL IN OUTBOX! will be displayed.  If a message other than the one in the picture below appears, you email message may have not been sent correctly.  



If your message was sent correctly, you can check to see whether the member has seen your email or not.  Click STATISTICS. 

If you want to reuse this message and send it to another member hit FORWARD.  You will then have to select the person you would like to forward the communication to, by using filters.  See related article: 



The image below shows an example of some useful data about the email you have sent.  We can see that 1 email was sent from the first horizontal orange line and that it was read from the second horizontal orange line.   



This is an example of what your individual email message would look like to the member.  



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