Create a Ranking

Motivate your members individually or as a team with Trainingym.  First you must go to the "Loyalty" menu and select "Prizes" from the drop down menu.

To create a Ranking, click on the tab that says "Rankings." Click the button "Add" to create a new ranking. To edit or delete current rankings press the gear or trash can icon, respectively. 

Here you will need to write the name of the ranking, describe the reward, select the start date and end date, participants limit, and the positions that will be awarded the reward. Choose the type of ranking it is from the drop down menu and finally, check the box next to "Chat," if you would like a group chat created for this ranking. Please limit the text in the Reward box to 78 characters for optimal display in the app.

You can directly enroll members in the ranking by clicking the enroll button and selecting members (or filtering by target audience). Select member and click the button "Add Selected Remember members can also enroll themselves via TG TOUCH in the Achievements & Awards section

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