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How to schedule and assign tasks to my employees

To assign tasks to your employees, first you must go to the "Staff" menu and select "Tasks Schedule" from the drop down menu.  Or you can select the calendar icon in toolbar to the left of your name. 

In this screen choose the employee and the task profile you would like to assign.

Click on the color of the task you would like to assign and drag it down to the day and time you would like to assign the tasks. Once you drop the task a pop- up will appear.

  In this pop-up you can modify all of the fields: date, start time, employee, task, duration, and add a comment. You can even link a member to the task by typing in the member's name in the "member" text box and choosing the member's name from the drop down list. Press "Accept" to save. This will automatically send a calendar reminder to the employee and member by email (if applicable).

To validate or delete a task, click on the task in the calendar and a pop-up will appear.  Press the "Validate"button.  If you wish to delete the task, press the "Delete" button. 

If the member did not attend you can postpone the task by choosing the options in "Did Not Attend"



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