How can I send an email or push notification from a member profile?

Trainingym allows you to establish communication channels with our members in a quick and easy format.

First go to the member profile of the member you wish to communicate with and click on the "Marketing" tab. Here we will see a submenu "Emails" or "Push Notifications" we should click on the medium we wish to use. Once we have selected which form a communication desired, we will click the button "New"

1)If we choose to send an EMAIL

We should add a campaign title, the subject and the body of the message. You can insert images, hyperlinks, attach documents and you can even personalize the email by including the members name by click the head icon in the toolbar. Save the changes by clicking the "Save" button and then press "Send."

2)If we choose to send an PUSH NOTIFICATION

We will just need to write a description (in case we want to use this push again) and the message. Remember this is to be read on the phone, it should be short and direct. Press the button "Save" and then press "Send." Remember that in order for the member to receive push notifications they will have to download the app, be logged in and have permitted the delivery of push notifications.  

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