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Create tasks profiles and tasks for departments

Tasks profiles are used to create the tasks that can be assigned to an employee. To create a tasks profile and its associated tasks go to the "Staff" menu and choose "Tasks Profiles" from the drop down menu. 

Here you will be taken to a list of any previously created tasks profiles. To create a new one, click on the button "Add."

In the "Employee Role" field, describe the position or the department. Then press the button "Add Task" to create an associated task.

A pop-up will appear where you will write the name of the task, select a 2 letter code, input the duration, choose a color and check the box if the the task requires a member. You can also chose whether this task repeats automatically or not. Once finished press the button "Accept"

Now that you have at least one task assigned to the profile you can save the profile. You can continue to add as many tasks as you desire. 

After saving the profile, a new tab "Staff" will appear. 

By clicking on the "Staff" tab you can assign your employees to this profile by marking their name and pressing the button "Add". Remember employees can have more than one profile.