After I create workout plan for a member, can I assign it to other members?

You have created a workout for a member either using:

1) Our intelligent algorithm ( "Member Profile"> "Goals"> "Generate Workout"; or

2) Manually creating the workout from the member's profile ("Member Profile"> "Workout"> "New Workout").

Since this workout was created from the member profile, it is saved to this member only. However, you would like to assign this same workout to another member. No problem just follow the steps below.

First, go to the member profile for whom you created the workout and click on the "Workout" tab. Here you will see the current and previous workout plans created for this member. Select the workout you wish to assign to another member by clicking on the "Goal" of the workout plan. 

This will take you to the following screen. Press the button "Create Template"

You now will be taken to the workout editor. Change the "Workout Description" from "Saved from Member Profile" to a name you will be able to identify and press the button "Save". This step is important as now this template will be saved in your workout template database so that you can use in the future (in the menu "Workouts"> "List").

Make any modifications you desire to the workout plan and press the button "Save" to assign to a member press the button "Assign to a Member"