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How to set up the details of the rooms and areas in my club

In order to set up the details of the rooms and areas in your club, first, you must go to the "Club" menu and choose "Areas/Rooms" from the drop-down menu. 

 Press the "Add" button to add a new area or room.

This will take you to a new screen. Here you will be able to name the room or area, set a capacity limit, define the room or area as a pool. You can also enable certain features by marking the box to the left:

  • "Attendance Monitoring" will allow you to track the hourly attendance of this room (in Staff-> Room Attendance).
  •  "Specific" will reserve this room for specific uses and the equipment assigned to this room will not be available for members workout plans - for example an indoor cycling room that is used solely for group activity classes you may want to mark as specific.
  • "Not Available" means that this area or room is closed - for maintenance or temporary work.
  • "Pool" will mark this area as a wet area as opposed to a dry area for your reports.

You can even put in a description (2 line limit). Press the "Save" button to save changes. 

Once you save, a new tab will appear in the right corner that says "Equipment."  Click on this tab to add equipment that is used in this area or room.

 In this tab you can search by different filters such as cardio, suspension training, outdoor activities, free weights, etc. Or you can search by name of the equipment. Mark the equipment. If there is more than one in your room/ area change the quantity to reflect the correct amount. Press "Save" to add the marked items to this room.

Click the "Information tab" and you will be able to see the list of all the equipment in the main description page of the room/area.

If you ever need to edit the room or equipment, simply go to the "Club" menu and choose "Areas/Rooms" from the drop down menu. From the list of rooms press the gear icon to the right of the room you would like to edit. To delete the room/area, just press the trash can icon. 


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