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How do I assign equipment to my areas/rooms?

Go to the "Club" menu and choose "Areas/Rooms" from the drop down menu. Enter into the room by pressing the gear icon and click on tab will appear in the right corner that says "Equipment."  

If creating a new room, name the room, indicate capacity and other characteristics and press the button "Save" then a new tab will appear "Equipment"

Use the filter feature to refine your search by type of equipment or use the search field to search by name. Mark the equipment you wish to add indicate the quantity of this equipment located in the area or room and then, press "Save" to add the marked item(s) to this room. You can mark more than one item at a time. To unassign or delete equipment from the room simply deselect the equipment and press "Save"

Click the "Information tab" and you will be able to see the list of all the equipment in a list to the right.

If you ever need to edit the  equipment, simply go to the "Club" menu and choose "Areas/Rooms" follow the same steps. 

Remember: the equipment that you assign to the different areas and rooms of you club will determine the exercises available in your database. Every time you add a piece of an equipment it adds all of the exercises related to that equipment to your exercise database. 


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