How to create an email in Trainingym

First you must go the "Marketing" menu and select "Emails" from the drop down menu. 

From here, write the description, subject title, and body of your email. As you can see you also have the options to, attach a document, add a hyperlink, insert images, change the style, font and size of the text. You will also notice there is a head icon as well. By clicking this icon it will automatically insert the NAME of the member in the email wherever "{socios.nombre}" has been inserted as a result of clicking the icon. 

After you have written your email press "Save" and two buttons will appear "Send" and "Recipients." Click on "Recipients" to chose to whom this email will be sent.

This will take you to a new page. Here you can choose the recipients from the list of all the members who have email. You are able to filter this list with filters, or search for members by name. If you would like to create a new target audience, press the button "Create Target Audience". Once you have selected the members to whom you want to send the email. Press the button "Add Selected"


Lastly, press the "Send" button.

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