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My employee is unable to validate activities, Why?

If one of your employees is unable to validate group activities that he/she has taught it could be due to the following 2 reasons:   

1) you should double check to see that this employee was assigned the activity they are trying to validate. In order to verify this, we would go to the "Staff" menu and select "Assign Group Activities." If you you do not know how to assign group activities, please refer to article, "How do I assign group activities to employees?"

2) we could have an employee who is assigned to an activity, but still cannot validate it.   This could be due to the permissions enabled to this employee. Firstly, go to the Employee profile to see what permission the employee has by going to the "Staff" menu, select "List", and choose the employee in question. In the first page of their profile, look to see what permission is granted

You can change the permission selected in the profile, if erroneous, from the drop down menu OR you can change the permissions for this type of employee by going to the "Club" menu and selecting "Permissions".

From the list of the different job profiles choose the permission you wish to change and click on the name. Then make sure to check the box in the "Staff" section that says "Staff Validation." This will enable employees with this permission to validate group activities. 

Press the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 


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