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How do I validate group activities?

In order to validate a group activity, first we should go to the "Staff" menu and click "Validate Group Activities."


Here you will be able to see calendar view of the group activities. Those in red, have already been validated. Those in green have not been validated. Note: Only activities that have been assigned an instructor will appear.

To validate a group activity, click on the activity in green you wish to validate. A pop-up screen will appear, where you can select if the class was taught or cancelled. If cancelled, please select the motive for cancellation from the drop down menu under "Reason for Cancellation". If the class was taught by a different employee than originally assigned, you can change the name of the employee in the drop down list for "Activity taught by." Make sure that you record the attendance for the activity. You also have the option to add any comments that you see necessary. 

Press the "Accept" button. The activity should now appear in red if successfully validated.



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