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How to assign group activities to my employees

In order to assign group activities to your employees, first you must go to the "Staff" menu and select "Assign Group Activities." 

In the bottom part of the screen you will see all of the activities that have been scheduled. If they are red/orange, they are already assign to an instructor. If they are green, they have not been assigned.

To assign an activity to an employee, select from the drop down list of employees the employee you wish to assign the activity. In the "From" and "Until" ** fields put the date range that you would like to assign this employee to the activity.Mark the classes you would like to assign (there will be a green dot in the right hand corner of the activity). Then press "Assign." The activity should now be in orange. If you are assigning an activity on a day of the week that has already past, it will not show on the current week, instead, you will see the assignment on the next programmed class (the following week).

** Please note that after this date range the activity will be unassigned.

To remove an employee from a group activity, select the name of the employee from the drop down of employee names, choose the date range you wish to remove the assignment, select the activities and then press the button "Delete." The activities should now be in green if the removal was executed correctly.