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How to set up my club information

To set up your club, first go to the "Club" menu and select "Information" from the drop down menu.  

Here, in the first tab "Club Information" you can input the name of the club, address, telephone, webpage, Facebook page and even change the image or the corporate colors that you will see in the TG Touch kiosk. Press "Save" to save changes.


In the following tab "Schedule" you will need to input the business hours for each day of the week your club is open. Please keep in mind, this is not the schedule your members will see, but the schedule in which you will be permitted to schedule tasks for your employees. Thus, if you have work that is done before or after you are open to the public - expand the business hours to reflect this. Press "Set Business Hours" to save changes.

In the "Kiosks" tab, you can set up the time limit on the kiosk before an automatic sign out. Simply press the gear button to the right of the kiosk you wish to modify and it will take you to a new page where you can: modify the time before an automatic logout, say if there is a card reader or fingerprint reader attached to the kiosk, mark if the kiosk is damaged and change the name of the kiosk.