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How to add a new employee to TG Manager

Adding new employees in Trainingym is very easy. First you must go to the "Staff" menu and click on "List."

You will then see a list of all of your current employees.  Press the "Add" button to create a new employee profile. Side note: Remember that you can find any employee by name in the search box, edit profiles by clicking the gear icon, and delete them by clicking the trash icon.

Fill in the fields with the missing information and choose the appropriate permission for the job the employee will carry out. As with members, when choosing a username if a red flag appears then that name is already in use, if a green flag appears its is available for use. If you check the box for "Employee Report," the administrator will receive a weekly report of the tasks and actions completed by this employee. If you check the box for "Chat Superviewer" this employee will be a chat administrator. 

Save your changes. Once saved, employee profile tabs will appear.

In the tab, "Clubs" you will be able to assign this employee to multiple clubs, if applicable. Save your changes and continue to the next tab.

In the "Tasks Profiles" tab, you will select the different profiles the employee will have. You can select more than one. Note: By assigning different profiles you enable the employee to be assigned the tasks related to said profiles.  Save changes

In "Schedule" you will define the employees timetable: days and shifts. If the employee has two shifts in one day, create one shift and then the other.  

In the "Marketing" tab you will be able to see the emails sent by this employee as well as create a new email.