How to search for a member or specific group of members

To search for members, go to the "Members" menu and select "Active Members"

This will take you to the database of members. There are multiple ways to search for members:

  1. By name
  2. By filters
  3. By sorting

1. By Name - if you are looking for a specific member write his or her name in the search field.

2. By Filter - if you are looking for a member or group of member who have similar characteristics you can press the button "More" to use our filtering option. Here you can filter by such things as: Registration date, days without attending the club, workout renewal date or weigh-in renewal date.  

For example below, we searched for members who have a scheduled workout renewal in the month of February. 

3. By sorting- depending on the permissions granted to you, you can change the different columns of the database by clicking on the gear icon. Once selected if you click on the header it will sort the list in ascendant or descendant order.