How to create a physical condition report for my member

After assessing the member's physical condition through various tests and a blood pressure reading you can create a summary report.  To do so, go to the "Members" menu and go to "Active Members" or "Search File". Find the member you are looking for an enter into their profile. Click on the tab "Health"

Here you will see a sub-menu banner. Click on "Assessment Report"

A pop-up will appear that shows the various tests and information you can include. Mark with a check those you would like and deselect those you do not wish to have in the report. Press the button "Accept" to generate the report. 

A new screen will appear with the report created. 

Scroll down and you will see two options "Generate Excel" or "Download PDF". Click "Download PDF" and the file will automatically download. You can then attach it to an email and send the information to the member. 


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