How do I share a workout plan with other employees?

Trainingym saves all of the workouts created from scratch. To view a list of all the saved workouts, go to the "Workouts" menu and choose "List" from the drop down menu. Here you should see a list of all the exercises created from scratch or saved as a new template from a member's automatic generated workout ("Saved From Member Profile").  (Note: depending on the permissions granted you may be able to only see those workouts created by the logged-in user-- see more information below) 

Here you can view the exercises by clicking on the name of the routine and you can assign it to other members  by clicking on the word "Assign." 

If  the "List" of workouts, only shows workouts created by the logged-in user and you want to be able to view and share workouts created by all employees, change the permission. Your admin will need to go to the permission profile for the employees who wish to share templates ("CLUB">"PERMISSIONS") and disable (uncheck) the box "Restrict Workout Templates" and press "Save." Now the employees with this permission will be able to see all the workouts created by all employees in the club. 

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