How to use the workout editor to create a workout plan

To create a workout plan from scratch, first you will need to go to "Workouts" menu and choose "List" from the drop down menu. Here will you will see a list of all the previously created workout plans. You can use or modify an already created workout plan by clicking the gear icon to the right. If you want to create a new workout plan from scratch, click the "New" button. 

After clicking "New," write the description of the workout plan, and choose the related goal. 

Now you can begin, creating the workout plan. There are three tabs, "Warm Up", "Main" and "Cool Down" which reflect the three phases that each workout session will have. You can start with any of the tabs you wish. Choose the tab you would like to begin with.

Add exercises & activities: To the right of the week breakdown is a list of exercises. You can choose from 4 categories: Flexibility (Stretches), Cardio, Strength and Activities. You can also search by typing in the name of the exercise. If you want to filter by type of equipment, difficulty or muscle group, click the list icon in the right corner. If you cannot find the exercise you are looking for please read the article: Missing or extra exercises in the workout editor, Why?

 Once you have decided what exercise you would like to use, drag and drop it on the day you would like to schedule it. If you want to schedule it for multiple days, select all of the days you wish to assign this exercise and drag and drop the exercise in one of the days and it will assign it to all of them.