Missing or extra exercises in the workout editor, Why?

Remember, member workouts will only reflect exercises that can be done with equipment in your club. Trainingym knows what equipment you have in your gym by what equipment you have assigned to different areas/rooms. If you have not added a piece of equipment, the workout routine editor will not show exercises related to this equipment. If you accidentally added equipment that you do not have, the workout editor will show exercises related to said equipment. 

To double check the equipment you have assigned to the rooms, go to the "Club" menu and press "Areas/Rooms" from the drop down menu. Click the gear icon to the right of the room you want to double check.

Click on the "Equipment" tab and search for the missing or extra piece of equipment. When you find the equipment you can select or deselect the equipment. Press the "Save" button to save your changes. These changes will also effect whether the exercises related to that equipment are available or not. 

IMPORTANT: Double check the characteristics of the room the equipment is assigned to. If the box for "Specific" or "Not Available" is checked the exercises related to the equipment assigned to this room will not be available for use. See below: 

To double check the data base for equipment or exercises please click the link below and read the article:

I cannot find a specific exercise or equipment



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