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I cannot find a specific exercise or equipment.

Be sure to double check that the exercise or equipment is not in the database. There are two ways we suggest doing so:


1)How to check the equipment database:

Go to the "Club" menu and select "Area/Rooms" from drop down menu. Choose the existing room where the equipment you want to use in the exercise is located. Click on the "Equipment" tab.

Now search for the equipment by typing in the name or searching by filter.

When checking the database for equipment, keep in mind that the name could slightly vary, double check via the images and filter by the type of equipment to ensure that the equipment does not already exist. Once you find the equipment verify that it is selected and assigned to the room.

Remember that once you assign equipment to the room it will enable you to view all the exercises associated with this equipment. 

2) How to check the exercise database:

Go to the "Workouts" menu and select "Exercises" from drop down menu.

Search by typing in the name or using the "More" button to filter the exercises.