How to create a customized survey

To create a survey, go to the "Marketing" menu and select "Surveys" from the drop down menu.

Press the "New" button. Choose a description for the survey, the date range it will be active and if it will be a Members or staff survey.

To add a question press the "Add Question" button. Type in your question. To add an answer, press the "Add Answer" button. 

You can add multiple questions and multiple answers. If you would like to make an answer an open-ended answer you just have to check the "Text" box to the right of the answer.  Then press the "Save" button.

Add recipients by clicking the button in red, "Add" to the right. 

In the following page you can, filter for certain members, select all, create a target audience and search by name. When you have selected those who you wish to receive the survey click the "Add Marked" button.