How to create a push notification

First you must go to the "Marketing" menu and then choose "Push Notifications" from the drop down menu.

Next write in the description and a short message for your push notification. Then press the button "Save."

After saving, two buttons will appear. Press the "Recipients" button to choose who will receive the push notification.

This will bring you to a new page. Here you have a few options:

  • You can choose from the list of members below. Keep in mind, it is possible that not all of your members are listed. This is because the list is made up of only those members who have downloaded the App. You can choose different filters to refine this list.
  • The other option is to create a target audience by clicking the button "Create Target Audience." By creating a target audience you will be able to segment you members by different filters to create a more specific group of recipients. 


Once you have selected your recipients press the "Add Selected" button. This will bring you back to your message. You will now see the list of recipients to the right. You can remove members by clicking the trash can icon to the right. When you are ready to send press the "Send" button. 


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