How to create a template from a member's workout and assign it to other members

To create a template from a member's workout plan. First go to the member's profile. Once in the member's profile click on the "Workout" tab.

Click on the goal of workout that you would like to use as a template.

This will take you to the following screen:

Note: if the workout is still active for the member you may see some extra buttons such as "Edit", "Validate Sessions" and "Cancel Workout"

In either case, active or inactive, to create a template from this plan, simply hold down "CTRL" on your keyboard while clicking on the weeks you would like to copy. The week in red is automatically selected and as you select the other weeks they will turn green. Once you have selected all the weeks you wish to copy onto your template. Press the button "Create Template."

This will take you to the workout editor. Automatically the template has been saved as "Saved from Member Profile". We recommend renaming the template in the Workout Description and pressing the button "Save". If you would like to make any other adjustments to the template use the workout editor below. Press the "Save" button if you make any modifications.

To assign this template to another member, press the button "Assign to a Member"