Use #Hashtags to Segment Member Database

In TG Manager there are #hashtag search filters that allow you to segment your database using characteristics that are relevant to the loyalty and induction process. 

Go to TG Manager and enter using your username and password. Click on the main "Socios" and choose from "Active Members," "Leads," or "Dropped Members" according to the list you want to analyze.

You will be taken to the full database according to the type of member selected from the drop down (active, lead, or dropped). Click in the field "Search" to get more information about the types of hashtag searches you can use or click on the button "Filters" to combine hashtags and predetermined filters for a more advanced search.

When you click in the field "Search", a drop down will appear. Press on the words "More Information" to see the full list of hashtags available for use. 

The#Hashtags available are:

  • #notworkout (Find the members who do not have an assigned workout)
  • #workout (Find the members who have an active workout) 
  • #active (Find the members who have worked out in the last 30 days)
  • #email (Find the members who have an email address)
  • #notemail (Find the members who do not have an email address)
  • #lastweek (Find the members who visited in the last 7 days)
  • #task (Find the members with an assigned task)
  • #notgroup (Find the members without an assigned group)
  • #notapp (Find the members who have not downloaded the App)
  • #notactive (Find the members who have not been to a group activity in the last 30 days)
  • #notfitness (Find the members who have not validated a workout session in the last 7 days)
  • #workoutexpired (Find the members whose workout plan has expired)
  • #notweight (Find the members without a recorded weigh-in)
  • #notvo2 (Find the members without a completed VO2 test)
  • #notstrength (Find the members without a completed strength test)
  • #whoisin (Find the members that are currently in the club)

Once you have selected one or more #hashtags in the "Search" field click on the magnifying glass icon to hide the informational drop down and the database will process your filter, showing only those members that meet the criteria of the hashtag(s) selected. In the example shown in the screenshot below we have filtered the active members database to see only those members who have an assigned workout plan and have been in the club the last 30 days.

In addition to the #hashtags available, you can use additional filters to your desired search. Click on the "Filter" button. Use the drop down list in "Filter Type" field to choose which filter you plan on using.  In the following screenshot we show you how to combine the #notweight (members without a weigh-in) with the filter "Registration Date". By doing so, we can now see the members who registered (joined) the club in the dates selected who do not have a weigh-in. 


In short, we provide the possibility of combining all available filters in order to be able to segment your database according to your needs.

Once you have filtered your database, you can use the buttons "Send Email" and "Send Push", to effectively communicate with your members. 

Note: You can limit which employees can use the  "Send Email" and "Send Push" buttons through the permission assigned. To enable or disable the ability to communicate with members. Go to "Club" and select "Permissions" from the drop down menu. Then, enter the permission you wish to modify by clicking on the gear sign to the right. Go to the "Members" section and check (enable) or deselect (disable) the options "Send Email to Member List" and "Send Push to Member List". Press "Save" to keep your changes. 

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