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Communicating with members via the Members Comm. tab in the Agenda


The Agenda screen is the home screen for most employees. In this area, our daily work agenda and other tools to manage our day-to-day duties. Here you will find the Members Comm. tab which allows you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your members. Learn more about "Members Comm" below.

This section allows us to keep in touch with users with whom we have interacted. You can communicate either by email or push notification.

The first thing you will see upon entering this section is a database of all your members. In this table you can see valuable information such as: Days Without Attending, Workout Sessions Completed, Workout and Weigh-in Renewal dates, etc.

If you would like to search for a specific group of members, press the "More" button. A drop down list will appear in the "Filter Type" field. Select the characteristics you would like to filter for and the parameters.

The database will filter automatically to your indications. 

To send members an email or a push notification, select the members desired by checking the box to the right of their row. Then, press the button "New Email" or "New Push". This will then take you to the editor to create your email or push message. 


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