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How to deliver a reward


If a member shows up at reception to receive a reward, you'll have to verify the reward request and mark it as delivered in the system.  Then, the member can be issued the reward.


In order to deliver a reward requested by a member or employee, follow these steps:

  1. Login to TG Manager under a user profile with Administrator or Reception permissions.
  2. Access the menu LOYALTY > TG LOYALTY
  3. Open the Validate tab.
  4. Under the Reward section, you'll see a list of rewards (for members and staff) that are pending delivery and those that have already been delivered (Fig. 1)
  5. Verify that the request for the reward is in the system.  Make the most of the filters Search and Type of Reward to make it easier to find the reward in question and therefore validate that the member or employee has requested it.  
  6. Click the Deliver button on the corresponding user and reward line to record the date on which the reward was delivered. 
  7. Personally, deliver the reward to the member or employee.


Fig. 1. Requested Rewards List with filters in use.  Without the filters, both DELIVERED and PENDING rewards will show.




The list of DELIVERED and PENDING rewards contain the following filters that can be combined in order to make your search more exact:

  1. Search:
    • Allows for the search of specific text in the table and will only display the rows we are looking for.
    • The filter works in the following way:
      • When you input a name, all of the names of members or employees who have requested a reward under that name will be displayed.
      • When you input a date (YYYY-MM-DD), all of the rewards that were requested and delivered on that specific date will appear.  If you only input the year and month (YYYY-MM), all of the requested and delivered rewards for that month be displayed.
      • When you input the name of a reward, all of the relevant rewards will be displayed.
  2. Type of reward:
    • Allows for searching in the table displaying only the reward rows with the selected states:
      • Pending, all of the rewards pending to be delivered will be displayed.  (Fig. 1)
      • Delivered, all of the rewards which have been delivered will be displayed.

Once the reward to be delivered has been found, click the Deliver button so that date of reward delivery can be registered.

If for any reason there is confusion when requesting a reward, it can be canceled from the smartphone app and from the List of Requested Rewards that receptionists have access to.  The process may be canceled either way and the points will be returned to the member or employee who requested the reward.



The requested rewards table contains the following columns to be able to identify each reward in detail:

  1. Date:
    • When the reward was requested (YYYYMMDD).
  2. User:
    • Field to identify the member or employee who requested the reward, which includes:
      • First and last name.
      • Email address.
  3. Type of user:
    • Type of user that requested the reward, they could be:
      • Members.
      • Employees.
  4. Rewards:
    • Information about the requested reward, which includes:
      • Name of the reward.
      • Number of points spent by the member or employee to claim the reward.  
  5. Reward state:
    • Displays the state of the reward to be claimed which can be:
      • Pending - the member or employee has redeemed their points but has yet to pick up the reward.  
      • Delivered - the member or employee has claimed their gift through the rewards system and has picked it up already.
  6. Delivery date:
    • If the reward state is Pending, 2 buttons will appear:
      • Deliver - Clicking on this button confirms that the member/employee has picked up their reward.
      • Cancel - Clicking on this button will cancel the reward claim and return the corresponding points to the member or employee.
    • If the status of the reward is Delivered, the following will appear:
      • Date delivered - Date when the reward was picked up by the member/employee


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