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How to activate or deactivate the points system.

In order to activate/deactivate the member points system, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to TG Manager under a user who has "TG Loyalty" permissions.
  2. Access the menu LOYALTY > TG LOYALTY.
  3. Open the LAUNCH tab.  (Fig.1)
  4. Activate or deactivate the GAMIFICATION module by clicking the slide button to the right.  Green - Enabled (Activated), Red - Disabled (Deactivated).
  5. Click the save button to the bottom right of the terms and conditions.


Fig. 1. Launch tab as seen by an employee with "TG Loyalty" permissions.




When the gamification option is deactivated:

  • The POINTS menu will disappear in the smartphone app for members and staff.  The menu will only update itself when the app is opened, so if the POINTS menu still appears simply restart the application.
  • You may configure the points and rewards system freely without affecting the current points that members have.
  • Members will not earn points.
  • Staff will not earn points.
  • Members won't be able to advance to higher levels.
  • Members won't receive any customer satisfaction surveys.
  • You may give a member a reward if it has been requested, but it won't let you cancel a reward to return points to a member.  
  • You may validate a day-pass, however, the member or employee will not earn any points.
  • Member visits will still be saved even though members will not earn any points.
  • New memberships from invitations will not be converted into referrals automatically.
  • You won't be able to assign any members as the referral of another.
  • You won't be able to redeem rewards for any member.
  • You won't be able to send invitations on behalf of any member.
  • Day-passes cannot be issued.




When the Gamification option is activated:

  • The POINTS menu will be visible in the smartphone app for members and staff.  The menu will only update itself when the app is opened, so if the POINTS menu hasn't appeared yet, simply restart the application.
  • Members and staff will earn points according to the established settings of the club.
  • Members will be able to advance to higher levels according to the settings of the club.
  • All of the functions of the VALIDATE tab will be available for use.


Deactivating the Gamification option is most useful during the implementation phase, before launch, while the rewards system is being configured.  This way, members won't be able to see the POINTS menu while the system is being configured to the club's liking.  Once the Gamification option has been activated, we recommend keeping it activated.  If you want to change the settings, we recommend doing so without deactivating it.




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