How to resend a workout plan to a member via email

To resend a workout routine to a member via email. First go to the member's profile. Then click on the "Workout" tab. 

Here you will see a list of all the previously and currently assigned workout plans. Find the active workout plan that you wish to send. It will have an "x" in the completed column. Then click on the "PDF" icon to the right. 

The pop-up screen below will appear. Here you will choose the printing format (execution - more information below image) the week  and sessions you wish to send in the email. Once selected, press the button "Send Email"

Choosing the printing format (execution):

  • Complete: Most detailed version (See image below). Shows the three phases and specific details regarding each exercise such as: name of machine, duration, rest, heart rate and weight. If printing, this version uses the most paper.

  • Simple (3 Phases): Shows abridged information such as: sets, repetitions and rest time. Also, shows the three phases of your sessions.

  • Simple: Shows the same details as Simple (3 Phases) for each exercise (see above image), but only shows the Main phase of your sessions. Does not show warm up or cool down. This version uses the least amount of paper if printing. 
  • Ticket: do not use this is for printing, not for emails.




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