Permissions Glossary

You can set up and customize Permissions by going to the "Club" menu and selecting "Permissions"

When you create and edit a permission you will see different sections with various options. Below, we will define each section and the options included in each one. 



Home (AGENDA) is the first screen that your employees will see when they enter in Trainingym. Specifically, the Tasks tab detailing their daily to-do list will be the first item they see. 

  • Members Comm. Tab - allows you to see a list of your assigned members with basic contact information, status of workout program, renew workout date etc. This tab also has the option to send these members push or email communications. 
  • Group Activities Tab – allows you to see the list of group activity instructors and data relevant to performance (Target attendance, actual attendance, etc.) 
  • Fitness Tab – allows you to see the list of P.T.s and their fitness tasks (workouts and weigh-ins) 
  • Tasks Tab – allows you to see your assigned tasks for the day (weigh-in/workout renewal, etc.)


Home (ADMIN KPI)  is the first screen you will see once you enter in Trainingym. Note: if you mark both ADMIN KPI and AGENDA, the first screen you will see is ADMIN KPI.  

This screen allows you to see a summary of the Key Performance Indicators of your club in visual graphs:



Members refers to the menu that allows you to access the member database. 

  • Active Members – enables access to the full database of active members
  • Configure List -enables configuration of the columns display for the Active/Dropped members and Leads lists (member name, last name, email, assigned employee, age, sex, etc.)
  • Profile - enables modification/creating of task profiles
  • Leads – allows you to see the database of lead (prospective members)
  • Send Email to Members List - enables the ability to send emails to members from the various members lists (must press FILTERS button first)
  • Dropped Members – allows you to see the database of dropped members
  • Send Push to Members List - allows you to send a push notification to members with the app installed (must press FILTERS button first)
  • Unification – Enables the option to unify duplicated profiles (created manually or during the integration process)
  • Groups - (functionality not available yet)


Member Info broken down into two sections: (1. Upper section: basic information (2. Lower section: the different profile tabs by checking any of these sections you are allowing a member the ability to view and edit this information. 


The Staff section refers to the different staff functions and the viewing and editing options for staff profiles. If you just check the main Staff box it will show you only your task schedule calendar.

  • Staff List – enables display of the staff database, but not individual profiles
  • Room Attendance – enables registration of attendance for the rooms and areas of the club.
  • Staff Profile – enables display of individual staff profiles. Staff list must also be checked to enable this permission. 
  • Assign Instructors– enables assignment of instructors to group activities
  • See All Staff Tasks & Schedules – enables display of all the tasks assigned to any staff member
  • No Access to Templates Created by Others  – You can only see workout templates created by you 
  • Validate Group Activities –allows you to validate your assigned group activities
  • Edit All Staff Tasks & Schedules – allows you to edit the tasks of other staff members
  • Staff Activities Assignment (Fitness Schedule & Goals)– allows you to set the fitness schedule and goals
  • Task Profiles – allows you to view and edit the different task profiles and their associated tasks 


Marketing section relates to the various marketing tools available. If you select Marketing only, it will show the Chat and the TG Custom Promotions for the custom App. Note: If you choose to not select Marketing employees can still access the chat in the side toolbar to the right. 

  • Email – allows you to create and send emails
  • Workout Ads –allows you to create advertisements that appear in the workout routines
  • SMS – allows you to create and send SMS (text messages)
  • Kiosk Ads – allows you to create advertisements that appear in TG Touch kiosk.
  • Push – allows you to create and send push notifications
  • Surveys – allows you to create customized surveys, send them and view the responses. Note: this is different from the automatically triggered surveys.


The club section is related to various aspects of the configuration or setup of your club in Trainingym

  • Information –  allows you to view and edit general information about the club
  • Email Account – allows you to indicate the email that the emails will be sent from
  • Equipment – allows you to add, edit or delete equipment from the different rooms and areas. Note: Rooms permission will need to be checked as well to activate this permission.
  • Email Signature – allows you to create, edit or delete an email signature.
  • Room – allows you to create, edit or delete rooms and areas 
  • Edit TGCustom – allows you to edit the custom App. (Custom App clients only)
  • Permissions – allows you to create and edit the different permissions
  • Booking Setup - allows you to set up when and how members can book group activities as well as enable or disable "no-show" penalties


By marking Activities you can see the activities schedule for your club. (You will need to mark Edit Group Activities in Additional Permissions in order to edit, delete or create activities). 

  • Bookings- allows you to make, review and confirm bookings for members.


By marking Exercises, it will allow you to view the exercise library of Trainingym. In order to view the Exercises, the Workouts permission must also be marked.


By marking Workouts, it will allow you to view, assign, create and edit workout routine templates. To restrict creation of new templates, mark the Prohibit Creation of Templates in the Additional Permissions section. To restrict the view of templates to those only created by the employee, mark the  No Access to Templates Created by Others permission in the Staff section.


By marking Reports you will be given access to the following reports: Member Report, Use of Space, New Members,Attendance, Tasks. To see the Reports regarding Accesses, Staff Productivity, Group Activities and Group Activity Attendance you must mark the corresponding box.

  • Accesses – allows you to view the different access your members have realized to the club or the App. 
  • Staff Productivity – allows you to see the report related to staff productivity.
  • Group Activity - allows you to see the reports related to group activities.
  • Group Activities Attendance – allows you to see the report related to the attendance of group activities


By marking Loyalty, you will be given access to: Prizes (achievements, rankings, competition) and the Member Entry

  • Templates – allows you to edit the templates for the automatic emails, pushes and configure the frequency of automatic surveys. 


To see the TG Loyalty section, the Loyalty permission must be checked (section above). When you mark the TG Loyalty section it will give you full access to TG Loyalty, including: launch, points and prize set up, results and validation.

  • Validate Only– By marking TG Loyalty and Validation, it will only give you access to the validation section of TG Loyalty. Allowing the staff member to validate day passes, redeem prizes and generate visits manually. 


Additional Permissions gives you the option to customize accesses to reflect your clubs protocols.

  • Validate Activities for Any Instructor– allows you validate activities assigned to other staff members. Must have the Validate Group Activities Permission checked.
  • Search for Members Only (No List) -  does not allow employee to see member list. Only allows employee to search for members by name, telephone number, ID number or email. Checking this permission will override the "only assigned members" permission 
  • Edit Workout Templates - allows you to edit master templates found in Workout>List. Please note: if the permission under the Staff section No Access to Templates Created by Others is checked, the employee will only be able to edit their own master templates. If it is not checked, the employee will be able to edit all master templates, created by any employee.
  • Edit & Create Group Activities – allows you to edit, create and delete the group activities. Must have the Activities permission marked as well. 
  • Validate Only Today's Activities – does not allow you to validate past activities, only those activities scheduled for today
  • View Only Assigned Members – you can only view those members who have been assigned to you in the member database list, you will need Active Members permissions from the Member section marked to activate this permission.
  • Only edit templates from member profile- the staff member must assign the template to a member and from the member profile they can edit the workout program. Unable to edit templates in Workout>List
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