Report: Detailed Task Report - Creation & Interpretation

The Detailed Task Report focuses on the performance of your staff in tasks that involved members. To create this report go to the "Reports" menu and select "Detailed Task Report"

 A pop-up report query will appear where you will indicate 1) the date range 2) department (task profile) 3) tasks and 4) employees you would like to see reflected in the report. Once you have indicated this information press the "Accept" button.

 The report is separated into three sections. The first section will show the total number of new members from the date range indicated in the report query. As well as a monthly summary (see example below) which breaks down each tasks by:

  • Goal: reflects the number of times this task was scheduled on an employees calendar during the date range indicated in the query. 
  • Validated: reflects the number of times this task was completed and validated during the date range indicated in the query. 
  • Incomplete: reflects the number of goal tasks that have not been completed (including outside of the date range indicated in the report query)
  • % Validated: reflects the percentage of the goal tasks that have been completed (including outside of the date range indicated in the report query)
  • % Incomplete: reflects the percentage of the tasks from the goal have not been completed (including outside of the date range indicated in the report query)
  • Did Not Attend: reflects the number of members who did not attend their appointment

Interpretation example: Using Personal Training (see chart above) as an example: It was scheduled 5 times during the date range we indicated in the report query,  during that date range 1 of these tasks was completed, outside of the date range 3 of these tasks were completed, and 1 of these tasks continues to be incomplete. Thus, the % validated is 80 % (1 task completed during the date range + 3 tasks completed outside of the date range = 4 completed tasks. 4 completed /5 goal tasks*100= 80%) and the % Incomplete is 20% (1 incomplete task, 1/5 goal tasks *100= 20%).

Next the report shows each employees performance. Here you can see every task which involves a member that the employee has completed (during the date range indicated) as well as the next task scheduled for the member. We also provide a summary chart using the same indicators we saw in the monthly breakdown.

It is possible that members names may be written in different colors:

  • Grey: Indicates a unique task that is not automatically renewed. 
  • Red: Indicates tasks that have been completed with this member, but is not the last interaction carried out with the member.
  • Green: Indicates an active(pending) task or is the last completed tasks with this member.
  • Blue: Indicates a task that has been postponed.

It is also possible that under an employee there is member's name multiple times in red, but they do not appear in green. This means that the employee has carried out various tasks with the member, but the last task carried out with this member was completed by a different employee. Look at the other employees and you will find the member's name in green.

Lastly, this reports provides you with a monthly employee ranking (see below) based on all the tasks with members combined.

Here you can analyze three indicators:

- Individual performance: looking at the Goal, Validated, Not Completed (Goal), % Validate/Goal and % Not Completed/Goal you will be looking at the performance of the employee in relation to their scheduled tasks during the date range indicated.  

- Comparative performance: looking at % Validated (Total), and % Not Completed (Total) you will be analyzing the individual performance in comparison to the entire staff's total performance.

- Overall performance: the Degree of Efficiency combines the individual performance (%Validate/Goal) plus the comparative performance (%Validated (Total)) to give an overall idea of productivity for the employee.


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